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common problem

1, the customer at the time of receipt regardless of whether the outer box is damaged, are required to open the box inspection and check the goods with the goods check the total number of goods to confirm the total number of correct acceptance.

2, receipt within 2 days (subject to the receipt date), timely feedback product information and receipt information (especially fragile fear of pressure goods), overdue treatment. The case of fraud is undetected.

3, if the goods due to damage caused by transport problems, please let the relevant transport company issued a seal certificate, and this certificate provided to the Company, by the Company to assist customers to claim.

4, damaged goods of the infiltration process: receipt within 2 days contact customer service, to provide damaged goods photos (positive picture, damaged accessories close-up), customer service staff to be true after the replacement of damaged parts. In order to reduce the probability of damage to the transport process, in principle, accessories in the next order shipped with the issue, if a special time limit can provide surface mail.

5, the customer's product color or style has specified requirements, please indicate the color and style in the remarks column, we will not be shipped out of the random description.

6, not according to the requirements of the receipt, the company will not bear the relevant responsibilities.