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Terms of Service

1, the goods for quality reasons to be returned. The following conditions can not be returned: the packaging is not complete; accessories, incomplete information; unauthorized unauthorized modification, repair; not in accordance with the normal method of use, storage; beyond the product shelf life; returned goods affixed with the company's label.

2, the return process: contact customer service to complete the return of the application form:

A, fill out the "return application form" issued to the customer service staff;

B, customer service staff can be found back to provide a return number;

C, the customer returns the goods with the mail, while the customer service feedback return number, return the goods shipped by the customer advance;

D, the company received a return inspection within 3 days after the return of the views of the return, and can be returned to the amount of goods and freight calculated, together with the recharge to your account.

3, return parcel in the mail before the need to communicate with the customer service, and in the package with a return list, due to the inventory did not cause the receipt of the data provided with the customer does not match the actual situation prevail.

4, customers in the case of communication with the customer service, courier or other means of return shipping, the company only bear part of the cost of the surface, to pay the warehouse will refuse to sign.

5, before the return policy, not with the customer service direct return, not accepted.

6, return parcels will be returned with real name (that is, fill in the name of the order), the consignee name.

7, do not return the goods to the company to prevent you from returning to the inconvenience.

8, due to unsatisfactory color and other non-substantive quality problems of goods inadmissible, once returned, return shipping by the customer to bear.